Allied Media Conference / Detroit Youth Volume / Solstice Soul

Holy hell ya’ll – the next couple weeks are about to be wild in the most wonderful ways:

Allied Media Conference: Deep Relaxation and Humanizing Schooling


Thursday June 15th through Sunday June 18th I’ll be soaking up the collective knowledge and spirit served up at the 19th Annual Allied Media Conference! I’ll be co-coordinating the Deep Relaxation Room (come pay us a visit if you need a break from the intensity. There will be ambient music there will be pillows there will be coloring books and tea – Spectral Slumber vibes!). On Friday at 11 am I’ll be co-presenting at the Detroit Future Schools session about humanizing education in Detroit, showing a snipit of a film I created with a group of 1st and 2nd graders at the The James and Grace Lee Boggs School about TRASH and our choices around what we do with it – it is so fresh that we haven’t even NAMED it yet.  I will also be floating around checking out so many things!

Detroit Youth Volume: End of Semester Concert

On MONDAY June 19th I will be performing in Jazz Violin “The Detroit Way”at the N’Namdi Center For Contemporary Art. I’ll be teaming up with Marion Hayden, Michael Malis, Leslie DeShazor and Michelle May supporting Detroit Youth Volume‘s wonderful Suzuki violin/vioila students who have been exploring jazz and improvisation in workshops from local jazz musicians and educators this past semester. There will be a 6 year old leading a conduction ensemble. Not to be missed! For a peek into what we’ve been up to this past semester, here is video created by Desmond Love:

Soulstice Soul @ Trumbullplex!

On WEDNESDAY June 21st: Solstice: Sterling Toles / Mahogany Jones / Matthew Daher/ Chiq – I’ll be rolling back into Detroit and doing a Solstice performance of my new/quite young solo set – ‘Wisdom to Know the Difference’ at Trumbullplex alongside some of the most beautiful creative souls I’m yet to encounter aka Mahogany Jones, Sterling Toles, and Isis Giraldo aka Chiquita.

Then, it’s off to Vancouver for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Much gratitude for these opportunities to connect, share, and heal, and grow <3!