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Allied Media Conference / Detroit Youth Volume / Solstice Soul

Posted Jun. 12th 2017

Holy hell ya’ll – the next couple weeks are about to be wild in the most wonderful ways: Allied Media Conference: Deep Relaxation and Humanizing Schooling Thursday June 15th through Sunday June 18th I’ll be soaking up the collective knowledge and spirit served up at the 19th Annual Allied Media Conference! I’ll be co-coordinating the Deep Relaxation Room […]

Springtime / Assembly Line Concert / Wet Dry Mix XI

Posted Mar. 4th 2017

But… this series goes to 11… Wet Dry Mix XI I’m stoked to be producing another edition of Wet Dry Mix on March 25th! For y’all who are new to this series: the concept is that in each duo one performer improvises on their instrument – their signal is fed into the effects chain of […]

Spectral Slumber 3.0 coming up in 2 weeks!

Posted Oct. 1st 2016

Spectral Slumber is an all night, immersive, BYOBlanket, multimedia, performance-installation experience featuring work by a spectrum of artists and performers. Video projection collages blend with non-stop ambient drones, surrounding and enveloping participants in an audiovisual dreamscape to collectively dream to. Performances and installations inspired by dreams, slumber, and surreality abound throughout the space and throughout […]

NEW SOLO SET WWWEEEEEEEEEEE! – Upcoming Work in Progress Performances In Detroit :-D

Posted Jul. 26th 2016

For many years I’ve been investing energy and curiosity into my evolution as a percussionist, composer, and producer. Crafting sound on all accounts but in different streams of creation and on radically different temporal scales. In one stream being a vessel for the improvisatory Intuition (capital “I”) that realizes transient sonic possibilities and in a […]