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NEW SOLO SET WWWEEEEEEEEEEE! – Upcoming Work in Progress Performances In Detroit :-D

Posted Jul. 26th 2016

For many years I’ve been investing energy and curiosity into my evolution as a percussionist, composer, and producer. Crafting sound on all accounts but in different streams of creation and on radically different temporal scales. In one stream being a vessel for the improvisatory Intuition (capital “I”) that realizes transient sonic possibilities and in a […]

Rivera Court – A Collaboration With Sarah and Austin Dance

Posted May. 16th 2016

The past few months I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah Konner and Austin Selden Dance Collaboration – a couple of brilliant movement artists/choreographers – on a site-specific performance inspired by Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry Murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The work explores the relationship between the biomechanics of performing bodies and […]

‘Secret Of Begin’ / Wet Dry Mix VIII (Scotty Bow-man) / Polyfold Shapeshifter / Dura-Daher

Posted Dec. 7th 2015

2015 is coming to a close y’all – some really exciting releases and performances coming up to bookend the holiday season: Daher Malis Duo – “Secret Of Begin” Album art by Thomas Bell On December 10th the Daher Malis Duo will be releasing “Secret of Begin” – the second release and first physical release in […]

“Warped And Wept” – An Examination of Masculinity and Crying

Posted Oct. 7th 2015

For the last 3 years I’ve been living with two dear friends and incredible artists – Costa Kazaleh Sirdenis and Michael Malis. I’ve heard comments from a handful of friends since the three of us have been sharing a home together about how special our home and our dynamic is. It’s true – the three […]