IGOMID Retreat/ Wisdom to Know the Difference Summer Tour

Happy summer y’all!

I’m blessed to have .a couple wonderful weeks ahead of me connecting with and performing for other lovely humans:

International Guild of Musicians in Dance Retreat

For the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working as an accompanist for modern dance classes at Wayne State University. Kind of a dream job tbh – playing mostly improvised solo drumkit / piano / electronics for large groups dancers dedicated to deepening their practice and exploring somatic-sonic energy exchange. And all of this, partnered with some of the most inspiring movement artists I’ve crossed paths with – Biba Bell, Molly Shanahan, Lisa LaMarre, and many visiting artists as well.


I recently became a member of the International Guild of Musicians in Dance. At the beginning of July I’m going to be dropping into their summer retreat at the American Dance Festival Summer Intensive in Durham, North Carolina. There will be workshops, performances, and tons of bon a fide nerding out over what we are all so lucky to spend our time doing.

A LOVELY way to warm up the spirit for the:

Wisdom to Know the Difference Summer Tour


Inspired by the Serenity Prayer, “The Wisdom To Know the Difference” is a solo exploration of control on both a sonic and a spiritual level. Vocals and acoustic drums processed, blended with lush textures, triggering other sonic events at varying degrees of randomness. A song-structured web of intended and unintended sonic consequences emerges, inspired by artists such as Mount Eerie, Björk, J Dilla, and Fiona Apple. An inquiry into the limits of control, the ease/suffering of clarity/confusion around those limits. The ever-shifting nature of those limits. An analogy in sound for these human predicaments.

After the IGOMID retreat I’ll be headed to Louisville to start of a 7-performance tour. If you or your peeps are in any of these cities I would love to connect with y’all:

July 3rd: Louisville, KY @ Art Sanctuary
“Defend the Sacred” : An ‘Interdependence Day’ Celebration w/ Bent Paw + DJ Alli
Benefit for Texas Civil Rights Project

July 5th: Cincinnati, OH @ The Listing Loon: Beer/Wine/Live Music
w/ Hher + Jeniffer Simone

July 6th: Columbus, OH @ The Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab
w/ MIIIM + Throbbin Williams

July 7th: Youngstown, OH @ Westside Bowl
w/ Bruce Jr.

July 10th: Washington D.C. @ Rhizome DC
w/ Heart of the Ghost + Moses/Forrest/Ogg Trio

July 11th: Beacon, NY @ Quinn’s
2nd wednesdays electronic/experimental music
w/ Chad Fusk + Campfire’s Edge

July 13th: Buffalo, NY @ Cass Project (Boiler Room)
w/ Disraeli + TBA

<3 <3 <3