June Happenings

Many wonderful things to come in the coming weeks:

June 10th: Drones from Piety Hill


Ben Hill and the Detroit Bureau of Sound are teaming up to produce a Sunday afternoon ambient music marathon. Spaces centering quiet and spacious music are scarce – it’s always wonderful to see events like this providing them. I’ll be performing some brand new material and will be sandwiched between a ton of wonderful artists:

Line-up, in order:

Lavici & Gilad
Cousin Mouth
Theo Ferrin
DBS Cactus Concert
Alex Koi
Ben Hill (as Invite the Infinite)
Matt Daher
Dominic Coppola
Rafael Statin
C.L. Lobbestael
My Dream Coin Laundry
David Shettler

Homemade Icecream and Eats supplied by Amanda Itria.

June 11th: Daher Malis Duo @ Fire Music Mondays


It’s been about 15 months since DMD played out — we’re stoked to be coming together again to share all kinds of sonic surprises with you. 100% improvised, as usual:

June 14th – 17th: Spectral Slumber @ the Allied Media Conference

WebFor the second consecutive year, Spectral Slumber will be curating the Deep Relaxation Room at the Allied Media Conference.

Spectral Slumber is an organization that creates immersive environments for quiet noticing and stillness, provides a refuge in a culture of sensory overload, and seeks to normalize sober and safer space.

The Relaxation Room is a space for AMC attendees to chill out, take a nap, and recharge. We will provide resources for self-soothing through the senses: soft lights, ambient music, pillows and sheets, warm tea, essential oils, and art supplies. The space will host different lunchtime meet-ups each day, offering live ambient music performance, group meditation, and other activities.

If you are at the conference make sure to stop in and rest your head, heart, and spirit!

June 23rd: Grieving and Healing Through the Arts


Last year the 1st Grieving & Healing Through the Arts was one of the most powerful and transformative experiences I’ve ever had in a collective arts experience. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute a performance to the 2nd Grieving & Healing Through the Arts on June 23. There will be workshops lead by Mary Alleyne (creative journaling), Stefanie Cohen & Corey Gearhart (movement/writing), Yvette Rock (drawing), Rhonda Murray Welsh (writing). Event concludes with live performances by Charyse Mahogany BaileyAndrea Daniel, and myself. Installation art inside Live Coal Arts Mobile by Edwin Gmozart Gerónimo. Lunch provided.

This event is co-curated with Light Box and sponsored in part by Detroit Institute of ArtsKnight FoundationMax M & Marjorie S Fisher Foundation. Registration ranges from $10-$20 per person (free for children 12 & under). Limited workshop space. Limited scholarships. Visit to register!

Stay tuned for details on the “Wisdom To Know the Difference” tour coming up in July…