Drones from Piety Hill – Ambient Set
6.10.18 - 2 pm - 12 am - Secret Location - See details for more info


Ambient music of all kinds in a 8-hour binge on peaceful vibes, curated by Ben Hill & Detroit Bureau of Sound.

Sunday June 10 – 2pm to 10pm.
FREE – email to get the details
or MESSAGE Ben Hill or Zach Brunell directly

Ton of FREE BEER, many thanks to Pabst!
(but also BYOB)

Homemade Icecream and Eats supplied by Amanda Itria

Line-up, in order:

Lavici & Gilad
Cousin Mouth
Theo Ferrin
DBS Cactus Concert
Alex Koi
Ben Hill (as Invite the Infinite)
Matt Daher
Dominic Coppola
Rafael Statin
C.L. Lobbestael
My Dream Coin Laundry
David Shettler

Motor City Meet the Mountain: Lexi / Thanya Iyer / Matthew Daher
10.5.17 - 8 PM - Spread Art - 5141 Rosa Parks

Join us for an electric paroxysm of long distance love between Montréal and Detroit:

Matthew Daher (solo):

“Wisdom To Know The Difference” is an exploration of agency, what it means to control and to let go – spiritually, sonically, and performatively. Live drums triggering electronic happenings – live vocals swimming through emergent textures – improvisation and randomization playing in a song-structured sandbox.

Thanya Iyer:

In the year MMXII, they began recording in a church with a moldy ceiling, a moldy basement, and of course a bedroom made out of pews. “Do You Dream?” is an experiment of experimentation and songs coming together. Some might call it “songmentation”. Or even, if you look at it as experimentation + songs augmenting each other you might say “Saugmentation”.


Versatile, genre-bending Detroit producer of hip hop and electronic musics – representing the Video7 crew – fresh off the release of his latest album “That Girl Was A Jewel” – with another release coming soon.

$5 – $10 Suggested Donation
Doors at 8 PM
5141 Rosa Parks

Strange Music Cage Match w/ Dead Pawn, Adopt a Highway, Ben Willis
7.24.17 - 7 PM - Lightbox - 8641 Linwood
People need strange music in their lives. A strange music cagematch is very similar to a mandala; something intricate and unusual which happens over a breif period of time and is then washed away into our memories.**Strange Music Cagematch is only a metaphorical battle to the death

adoptahighway, electric bass+synths, maximallist songs

Dead Pawn, prophet synth + sampler + analog drums

Matthew Daher, triggered drums, responsive compositions

Ben Willis, acoustic bass, harsh songs

$10 for the musicians on the road.

Light Box
8641 Linwood St
Detroit, Michigan 48206
Detroit Youth Volume – Jazz Violin the Detroit Way
6.19.17 - 7 PM - N'Namdi Gallery - 52 E. Forest - Detroit


*** 5:30pm Doors /// 6pm Performance. Detroit Youth Volume + their mentors from Musique Noire & Polyfold Collective will perform at N’Namdi Gallery, in the historically jazzy Sugar Hill Arts District.
“The Detroit Way” is jazz musicians passing down knowledge to the next generation. DYV has been engaged in The Detroit Way since February during our Jazz Violin “The Detroit Way” workshop series. On Juneteenth, teaching artists Marion Hayden (bass), Michelle May (violin), Leslie DeShazor (viola), Michael Malis (keys), and Matt Daher (drums) will perform alongside their students.

This Knight Arts Challenge project is part of the Aetlier program at N’Namdi gallery, which teaches students the skills needed to run an art gallery.

About DYV’s Jazz Violin project:

About the performers:

About Juneteenth:

About N’namdi gallery:

About Sugar Hill Arts District:

“In 1941, Ernest White purchased the Gotham Hotel at the corner of John R and Orchestra Place just south of this district. Although the purchase was apparently a case of mistaken racial identity, it set a precedent, and more African-Americans began moving and establishing businesses in the area.

Spectral Slumber 3.0
10.15.16 - 10:30 PM - Assemble Sound - 2300 17th Street Detroit


Spectral Slumber is an all night, immersive, BYOBlanket, multimedia, performance-installation experience ft. work by a spectrum of artists and performers. Video projection-collages blend with non-stop live ambient drones, surrounding and enveloping participants in an audiovisual dreamscape to collectively dream to. Performances and installations inspired by dreams, slumber, and surreality abound throughout the space and throughout the night.

$10-$15 admission

Doors 10:30 – 1:30
*Event goes all night, but entry is only permitted before 1:30 or by special arrangement.

Visit for more details
And check out our FAQ for any questions you may have about the event:

Visuals/Installations by:

Michaela Mosher
Alexander Herbert Weyer
Matthew Daher
Cy Tulip
Ari Eru
Costa Kazaleh Sirdenis
Simon Alexander-Adams
Natasha Beste
Olivia Abrahamian
Christina de Roos
Dan DeMaggio
Thomas Bell
Kristina Sheufelt
Cassie McQuater
Jessi T. Walsh

Performance lineup:


10:30 – Jonah Raduns-Silverstein

11:00 – Tyler Hull

11:35 – Made From Trees (Michael Malis and Elisa Thorn)

12:10 – David Shettler

12:45 – Ben Hill

1:20 – Steven Curtin

1:55 – Dura (Mattson Ogg)

2:30 – Blkshrk (Blair French and Eddie Logix)

3:05 – Sucuriju (Barry Ryan)

3:40 – RJ Stefanski Playlist…Brainwaves…Etc…Tbd


11:00 – Witchpucker (Dan Clark and Sara Grosky)

11:50 – Yak (Zac Brunell and Yuri Popowycz)

12:40 – James Cornish / Bubba Ayoub / Ashley Hennen

1: 30 – Augusta Rose

2:20 – Alexkoi Alexkoialexkoi AlexkoiAlexkoi

3:10 – Rodolfo Efren Avila

Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts – *NEW SOLO SET!*
8.6.16 - 7:30 PM - 17405 Lahser Rd - Detroit - Large Courtyard


7:30 PM – Saturday August 6th
Large Courtyard

For many years I’ve been investing energy and curiosity into my evolution as a percussionist, composer, and producer. Crafting sound on all accounts but in different streams of creation and on radically different temporal scales. In one stream being a vessel for the improvisatory Intuition (capital “I”) that realizes transient sonic possibilities and in a flash un-preciously leaves them behind. In another, basking in and nurturing the same momentary sonic gesture for days/weeks/months until it’s found its home.

About 9 months ago I started working on a new solo set of music written for the confluence of these streams of creation. Live drums, live vocals, samples, loops, textures, all colliding and interacting in an environment of composition and randomization.

On a musical and spiritual level, this music is an exploration of degrees of control. It is an inquiry into the limits of control. The ease/suffering that manifest out of clarity/confusion around those limits. The ever shifting nature of those limits. The responsibility to question what is possible.

This set is still a work in progress – I’m super excited/nervous/curious to take it out for a test run and share it with y’all at Sidewalk Festival 2016!