Daher Malis Duo

Creating the space-time continuum in real time; spirit stirring, boundary blurring, eternally recurring free-jazz from the netherworld.

The Daher Malis Duo is a collaboration between Matthew Daher and Detroit pianist/improviser Michael Malis.

Born and raised in eastside metro Detroit, drummer Matthew Daher and pianist Michael Malis began their musical kinship in their teens, testing the waters of the jazz tradition. The following seven years of separation and study in their new homes of Montréal (Daher) and Ann Arbor (Malis) was a time of experimentation, exploration, and coming into their own voices as creators, improvisers, and performers.

Upon their simultaneous returns to Detroit in 2012, Daher and Malis’ musical worlds converged once again. They started collaborating together again in earnest, and discovered a mutual love for artists as diverse as Ornette Coleman, Cecil Taylor, Hella, Lightning Bolt, Sun Ra, Georgia Anne Muldrow, J Dilla, Thollem McDonas, and Andrew Hill. Fueled by their shared gnostic curiosity and grounded in the seeds of their early acquaintance, the Daher Malis Duo’s deeply connected and fervent improvisations seek to push and dissolve boundaries — sonic and spiritual — both in the creators’ and the listeners’ minds.

The duos first digital release, “Ask the Ancestors,” was released in March 2013. It is a snapshot of their improvisational breadth and the beginning of a promising collaboration’s dive into the mystery of instant expression.

It can be purchased in digital format here:

Partway through recording for a second release, the duo went on a temporary hiatus in the summer of 2014 to focus on different projects. The duo will be performing booking performances to come in 2015 – stay tuned!