“One of Montreal’s best new instrumental outfits” – Midnight Poutine 2010

“Proudly weaving the influence of Philip Glass and Boards Of Canada into this tapestry of live instrumentation is an accomplishment in itself. Crafting a unique sonic indentity with your first independently produced and recorded album is indeed precious. Shoegaze and ambient vibes rear their fuzzy heads alongside whispers of Talk Talk and Brian Eno, eerie timing and odd chord changes expertly engineered to maximize blissful hypnotic reverie. Daher’s so tight on the drums that he sounds like a machine. A machine that can emote.” – Steve Lala, The Hour, April 2010

Ismism was born in 2007 out of Daher’s early composition/recording experimentations with the synthesis of found sounds, samples, and acoustic instruments both traditional and obscure. After amassing a set of material, in 2008 Daher assembled a quintet (with Harry Knazan, Nicolas Godmaire, Alex LeBlanc, Maude Locat) that transformed his compositions into semi-impovisatory electro-acoustic performance pieces traversing territory from whispery, ambient soundscapes to grimy, chaotic noise breakdowns.

Ismism performed extensively in Montreal and Toronto, released their self-titled EP in 2010, and toured the 401 between Montreal and Detroit later the same year.

The EP is available in CD and digital formats here:

The group dissolved in 2011 – at which time Daher returned to the solo laboratory. Some of the late Ismism material, then in its embryonic form, was developed further into material that can be heard on “Dwelling Lightheartedly In The Futility Of Everything.”