Spectral Slumber

Spectral Slumber is an organization that creates immersive environments for quiet noticing and stillness, provides a refuge in a culture of sensory overload, and seeks to normalize sober and safer space.

Since 2013, Spectral Slumber has hosted 3 immersive, BYOBlanket, multimedia, performance-installation experiences ft. work by a spectrum of artists and performers. At these events, video projection-collages blend with non-stop live ambient drones, surrounding and enveloping participants in an audiovisual dreamscape to collectively dream to. Performances and installations inspired by dreams, slumber, and surreality abound throughout the space and throughout the night. The first two editions were held at the Jam Handy building in December 2013 and April 2014. Spectral Slumber 3.0 was held on October 15th, 2016 at Assemble Sound! Check out the Spectral Slumber Website for more details… on these past editions.

In 2017, Spectral Slumber curated the Deep Relaxation Room at the 19th Allied Media Conference, providing an environment for conference attendees to rest, recharge, and self soothe through the senses. Spectral Slumber will be curating the space again this year at the 20th Allied Media Conference.

Spectral Slumber is organized and curated by Matthew Daher, Michaela Mosher, and Alex Weyer.


Artists from previous editions:

Spectral Slumber 3.0:

Sound Artists:

Jonah Raduns-Silverstein
Tyler Hull
Made From Trees
David Shettler
Ben Hill
Steve Curtin
Eddie Logix
R.J. Stefanski
James Cornish / Bubba Ayoub / Ashley Hennen
Augusta Rose
Alex Koi
Rodolfo Efren Avila

Visual/Installation Artists:

Michaela Mosher
Alexander Herbert Weyer
Matthew Daher
Christina de Roos
Olivia Abrahamian
Dan DeMaggio
Ariel Ira Eritano
Cy Tulip
Kristina Sheufelt
Cassie McQuater
Thomas Bell
Costa Sirdenis
Simon Alexander Adams

Spectral Slumber 2.0

Sound Artists:

Matthew Daher
Adam Cox
Thomas Bell
Bill Corrigan
Patrick Behnke
Kaitlin Prest and Brendan Baker (NY)
Dan White

Visual Artists:

Michaela Mosher
Alex Weyer
Christina de Roos
Lindsay Greer
Cassie McQuater
Lisa Tolstyka
Alex Martin

Spectral Slumber 1.0:

Sound Artists:

Daher-Malis Duo
Unholy Water
James Baljo
James Cornish
Topher Horn
Alex Weyer

Visual Artists:

Michaela Mosher
Goran Butorac
Elise Marie Martin
Cassie McQuater
Alex Weyer