Wet/Dry Mix (aka ‘The Surrender Series’)

Wet/Dry Mix is a performance series curated by Matthew Daher at Spread Art @detroitcontemporary that brings together acoustic instrumentalists and electronic musicians of many persuasions for evenings of spontaneous sonic obscuration.

The concept is that in each duo one performer improvises on their instrument – their signal is fed into the effects chain of their partner who improvises electronic manipulations on the signal in real time.

There are a couple simple rules:

– The instrumentalist is not aloud to use or control any effects of their own

– Their partner on electronics is not aloud to use any sonic material that was not derived from the signal of the instrumentalist

As a result, the instrumentalist surrenders control of the form that their creation will ultimately take once it passes through their partner’s rig — and the electronic musician surrenders control of the sonic content that they are manipulating.

Hence, this series is also known as the ‘Surrender Series’

Starting in January 2014, editions I – X were held at Spread Art. Wet Dry Mix XI will be held on March 25, 2017. More details coming soon!


Audio/Video/Info from previous editions:

Wet Dry Mix X (July 2016)

Cy Tulip (Vocals/Field Recordings)
Steven Curtin (Electronics)

Chace Morris (Spoken Word)
Derek Worthington (Electronics)

Michael Malis (Piano)
Yohance’ Carter (Electronics)

Thomas Bell (Alto Clarinet)
Molly Jones (Electronics)

Seraphine Collective Presents – Wet Dry Mix IX (April 2016)

This edition was guest curated by Augusta Rose and is presented by Seraphine Collective – an inclusive, supportive and active community of female-identified musicians and artists designed to foster creative expression and camaraderie among feminists in Detroit. This edition featured all female-identified performers:

Elisa Thorn (Spread Art resident artist from Vancouver, B.C.) (Harp)
Augusta Rose (Electronics)

Rachel McIntosh (Harp/Vocals)
Maddie Kuzak (Electronics)

Vness Ghost-Host (Guitar)
Alex Koi (Electronics)

Rachelle Baker (Vocals)
Leah Barnett (Electronics)

Wet Dry Mix VIII – “Scotty Bow-man” (December 2015)

Betsy Soukup (Bass)
Pastel Arsenal (Electronics)

Matthew Daher (Cymbals)
Chris Reilly (Electronics/Visuals)

Zac Brunell (Vibraphone)
Simon Alexander Adams (Electronics)

Abby Alwin (Cello)
Dave Graw (Electronics)

Wet Dry Mix VII (September 2015)

Anthony Poretti (Percussion)
Evan Haywood (Electronics)

Collin McRae Leix (Cello)
Eddie Logix (Electronics)

Nick Landstrom (Guitar)

Mike Monford (Saxophone)
Adam Cox (Electronics)

Wet Dry Mix VI (July 2015)

Eric Schweizer (Saxophones)
Thomas Bell (Electronics)

Patrick Behnke (Viola)
Matthew Daher (Electronics)

Molly Jones (Saxophones)
Zach Hill (Electronics)

Rachel McIntosh (Harp/Vocals)
Josef Deas (Electronics)

Wet Dry Mix V: ‘Electrolarynx’ (May 2015)

This special edition featured all vocalists and spoken word artists on the acoustic side of the duos:

Sara Grosky (Vocals)
Dan Clark (Electronics)

Walter Lacy (Spoken Word)
Tyler Hicks (Electronics)

Alex Koi (Vocals)
Dave Shettler (Electronics)

Billy Mark (Vocals/Spoken Word)
Joshua Allen (Electronics)

Wet/Dry Mix IV: (March 2015)

Sophie Tulip (Guitar)
Underglass (Electronics)

Jake Shadik (Tenor Sax)
A Death Cinematic (Electronics)

Matthew Daher (Percussion)
Thomas Bell (Electronics)

Kimberly Sutton (Cello)
Jaye Allen Thomas (Electronics)

Wet/Dry Mix III (December 2014)

Kirsten Carey (Guitar)
Bubba Ayoub (Electronics)

Nicholas Tallidis (Tenor Saxophone)
Tess Tennessee Miller (Electronics)

James Cornish (Euphonium/Flute)
Nicholas Riley (Electronics)

Ben Willis (Bass)
Thomas Bell (Electronics)

Wet/Dry Mix II (July 2014)

Jason Adler (Bass Clarinet)
Ben Davis (Electronics)

Derek Worthington (Trumpet)
James Cooper (Electronics)

Patrick Behnke (Viola)
Matthew Daher (Electronics)

Marcus Elliot (Saxophone)
James Baljo (Electronics)

Goran Butorac (Projections)

Wet Dry Mix I (January 2014)


Matthew Daher (Percussion/Electronics)
Anthony Poretti (Percussion)
Patrick Behnke (Viola)
Dave Haughey (Cello)
Augusta Rose (Violin)
Bradley Stern (Tenor Sax)
James Cornish (Trumpet)
Michael Malis (Fender Rhodes)
Tyler Hicks (Electronics)
Samantha Flowers (Electronics)
Topher Horn (Electronics)

Alex Weyer (Projections)
Rachael Ahn Harbert (Movement)
Marianne Brass (Movement)