‘Secret Of Begin’ / Wet Dry Mix VIII (Scotty Bow-man) / Polyfold Shapeshifter / Dura-Daher

2015 is coming to a close y’all – some really exciting releases and performances coming up to bookend the holiday season:

Daher Malis Duo – “Secret Of Begin”

DAHERMALIS DUO FRONTAlbum art by Thomas Bell

On December 10th the Daher Malis Duo will be releasing “Secret of Begin” – the second release and first physical release in our output. The tape is the inaugural release of TOOL & DIE – a new label run by vocalist, musical curator, and bona fide showman Chris Butterfield. I like to think of Chris as our boxing coach – he booked the duo’s first few shows as an entity at Found Sound almost 3 years ago, and ever since has been in our corner, bug eyed, veins protruding from his neck, screaming in unintelligible paroxysms of encouragement as we tangle with…

whootherthan OURSELVES

as Mike and I continue down this sonic-spiritual rabbit hole together. That’s all to say that we are proud as hell to be Tool & Die’s first release in what promises to be an output that is eclectically incredible.

Two of the three improvisations on the tape feature Toronto bassist and dear friend Conrad Good, recorded on a visit he paid to Detroit in February of 2014. The other cut is a live recording from our performance at the Hamtramck Music Festival in March of 2015 – which, albeit invisible to the listener on the recordings, was heavily influenced by movement artist Rachael Ahn Harbert who joined us for that set:

As a duo our improvisational language has evolved expansively over the last couple years, and “Secret of Begin” reflects this quite intensely. It’s a sweeping sampling of this project’s stylistic breadth – stretching from spacious, nakedly nuanced consonance, to rhythmically convoluted microtonal mayhem.

We’ll be releasing the tape at a performance at Spread Art @detroitcontemporary, with opening sets by Viands (Dave Shetler and Joel Peterson) and Shells. Viands just released a new record on Midwich a few weeks ago which I highly recommend you check out as well.


Wet Dry Mix VIII – Scotty Bow-man

This puppy is almost two years old now <3 – Wet Dry Mix is a bi-monthly series that I curate at Spread Art @detroitcontemporary that brings together acoustic instrumentalists and electronic musicians of many persuasions for evenings of spontaneous sonic obscuration. On December 12th we’ll be holding the 8th edition.

The concept is that in each duo one performer improvises on their instrument – their signal is fed into the effects chain of their partner who improvises electronic manipulations on the signal in real time.

jamesmarcus2Photo by Christina de Roos

As I was typing this it occurred to me that 3/4 instrumentalists are very likely to be bowing shit in this edition (Cello, Bass, Cymbals)- and 4/4 would not be unlikely (Vibraphone). Thus, this special edition from this moment forward shall be known as: “Wet Dry Mix VIII – Scotty Bow-man”

Betsy Soukup (Bass)
Pastel Arsenal (Electronics)

Matthew Daher (Cymbals)
Chris Reilly (Electronics)

Zac Brunell (Vibraphone)
Simon Alexander Adams (Electronics)

Abby Alwin (Cello)
Dave Graw (Electronics)

Doors 8:30 / Performance 9:00
$5 – $10 Sliding Scale

For more info and more recordings from previous editions:

POLYFOLD Shapeshifter Showcase in Brooklyn

Formed this past summer, POLYFOLD is a collective of composer/improvisers based in Detroit. We are made up of long-time friends and colleagues who have come together to support the creation, presentation, and ongoing development of creative music, and to foster artistic expression through education and outreach.


On December 18th, the Daher Malis Duo will be performing as part of a POLYFOLD showcase at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn featuring improvisers based both in Detroit and New York:


Phil McNeal – drums
Marty Jaffe – bass
Chris McCarthy – piano
Charmaine Lee – voice
Molly Jones – saxophones, flute

Rafael Statin – A Fate Supreme

Rafael Statin – saxophones, bass clarinet, flute
Alex White – drums
TBA – bass
TBA – piano
Alex Levine – guitar

Daher Malis Duo

Michael Malis – piano, rhodes
Matthew Daher – drums, electronics


Jon Taylor – drums
Aakash Mittal – alto saxophone
Jake Shadik – saxophones
Ben Rolston – bass
Alex Levine – guitar

Alex Levine Quartet 

Alex Levine – guitar
Francois Moutin – bass
Caleb Curtis – alto saxophone
Nathan Ellman-Bell – drums

For more info on Polyfold and this performance:

Dura/Daher Tape Split

The time spent drifting off into dreams is, to me, one of the most sacred listening spaces of the daily cycle. I’ve lost track of how many nights the last couple years I’ve been ushered off to sleep by the sounds of Dura:

Dura is the moniker of ambient artist and dear friend Mattson Ogg. Mattson and I have been collaborating in different contexts for almost 10 years now. In January 2016, Mattson and I will be putting out an ambient split on Atrium – an Ann Arbor based tape label run by Theodore Schafer. Atrium’s output has been permeating my sacred sleep space in recent months as well, definitely worth checking out – and more details to come on the release soon!