Springtime / Assembly Line Concert / Wet Dry Mix XI

But… this series goes to 11…


Wet Dry Mix XI

I’m stoked to be producing another edition of Wet Dry Mix on March 25th! For y’all who are new to this series: the concept is that in each duo one performer improvises on their instrument – their signal is fed into the effects chain of their partner who improvises electronic manipulations on the signal in real time.

There are a couple simple rules:

– The instrumentalist is not aloud to use or control any effects of their own

– Their partner on electronics is not aloud to use any sonic material that was not derived from the signal of the instrumentalist

As a result, the instrumentalist surrenders control of the form that their creation will ultimately take once it passes through their partner’s rig — and the electronic musician surrenders control of the sonic content that they are manipulating.

Hence, this series is also known as the ‘Surrender Series’

Simply put, this edition is ridiculously stacked with some of Detroit’s deepest improvisers and electronic musicians from ambient, hip hop, jazz, avant garde, and soul backgrounds. Not to be missed!

And in the weeks leading up to Wet Dry Mix…

Assembly Line Concert IV

A whole slew of local sponsors and event producers are combining their efforts to produce the 4th Detroit Assembly Line Concert — 384+ hours of continuous music from March 9th – 25th . AJ O’Neal is leading this effort, attempting to break the Guinness World Record for longest continuous music performance. The current record is held by Las Vegas — at 372 hours. Beyond the ambition of holding that record, this event has a history rooted in the spirit and morale of the city of Detroit. It originated in the face of the financial crisis of 2008 and the position that employees of the auto industry found themselves in. For more history and other info, check out their website.

assembly line concert 4

I’ll be performing three improvised sets in this marathon:

March 16th @ 5 PM w/ James Cornish and Jake Shadik (My 30th birthday!)
March 18th @ 11 AM w/ Michael Malis
March 23rd @ 10 PM w/ Stephen Boegehold and Kirsten Carey

All of these performances will be in Shed 5 at Eastern Market and are free and open to the public. Hope to see y’all there!