“Warped And Wept” – An Examination of Masculinity and Crying


For the last 3 years I’ve been living with two dear friends and incredible artists – Costa Kazaleh Sirdenis and Michael Malis. I’ve heard comments from a handful of friends since the three of us have been sharing a home together about how special our home and our dynamic is.

It’s true – the three of us have a special bond marked by copious hilarity – and also by very sensitive communication and regard for one another’s needs. We’ve had a handful of discussions over the years about our backgrounds and personalities and how they relate to this rapport. These conversations at moments have touched on our individual relationships with/constructions of masculinity, the fact the each of us grew up with sisters and no brothers, the role that such an upbringing may have had on said relationships.

After three years of living together and creative collaborations in duos, but never as a trio, for the month of September Mike, Costa, and I were artists in residence in the Carr Center‘s Artist Hub program. Inspired by some of these conversations, and by a collective desire to take a step away from work that is purely abstract and towards something more concretely grounded and engaging, we decided to create a multimedia work that examines the intersection of masculinity and crying.


The piece is called “Warped and Wept.” It is informed by interviews that we conducted with participants of various backgrounds to gain insight into how they navigate the intersection of masculinity and crying in their personal and cultural circumstances. The interviews serve to inform our creative process and provide sonic materials (audio excerpts from interviews) to weave into the work itself. In addition to interview samples, “Warped and Wept” also includes improvised music, sound design, video projection, movement, and installation components.

The work was premiered at The Carr Center on October 2nd – this weekend we are taking it on the road for performances in Toronto and Montreal. These performances are not the culmination of our explorations, but a starting point for a project that aims to both facilitate and be an interesting entry point for conversations that seem to rarely occur organically.

If you are in Toronto of Montreal here are the details for our weekend performances:


Warped and Wept
w/ Silver Pools and Duncan/Swankey/O’Reilly
October 8th / Doors 8:30, First act 9 PM
Burdock / 1184 Bloor W
$8 in advance / $10 at the door

Advance Tickets:


Warped and Wept
w/ opening set by NOMAD
October 11th / Doors 8 PM, First act 8:30 PM
La Plante / 185 Van Horne
$5 – $10 Sliding Scale