Projects and Collaborations 


“Kinetophone” is a glitchy downtempo hip hop beat set that grew out of my accompaniment work creating sounds for dance classes at Wayne State University. Each piece in this project is built on either a sample of raw recordings of my drumming in the dance studio or a skeleton of an electronic groove built in real time in the dance studio. It is music born of empathic resonance, mused by mirror neurons in witnessing bodies in expressive motion. Each performance of ‘Kinetophone’ features local guest artists - improvising instrumentalists, emcees, and/or vocalists - who bring a live and organic presence to the set and respond to one another and myself as I improvise effects and textural changes on each piece in real time. Past performances have featured some of Detroit's most talented artists, such as Allen Dennard, Jake Shadik, Cye Pie, Wrecklés, GDMRW, Billy Mark, Jon Dixon, Na Gomuka, Zekkereya El-magharbel, and Sophiyah E.  Check the News section for updates about upcoming Kinetophone performances.