Solo Releases 

(2024 , Self-Released)

A tongue-in-cheek meditation on social anxiety. The first single off of the upcoming full length "The Wisdom to Know the Difference Vol I".

Matthew Daher: Drums, Electronics, Vocals, Mixing

Shiva Shahmir: Mastering

6-Step Program
(2020 , Self-Released)

A meditation both about and born of pandemic induced isolation, uncertainty, and channeling restless energy, created in March 2020.

Matthew Daher: Drums, Electronics, Mixing, Mastering

Dura / Daher
(2016 , Atrium Tapes)

Split of two lush original ambient compositions - one by D.C. based guitarist Dura and one by Matthew Daher

Originally released on Atrium Tapes (Tapes Sold Out, Digital Only)

 Mattson Ogg: Guitar +Electronics (1)

Matthew Daher : Drums + Electronics (2)

Dwelling Lightheartedly in the Futility of Everything
(2015 , Self-Released)

"Wending, curled tones, skewing into capricious melodies over clasping, punchy percussion and the syrupy, soulful voice of Daher, itself given an ethereal quaver... It's like a musical mobius strip, syncing together space-lounge jazz and electro-R&B"

-- Jeff Milo

"Put simply, anyone wishing to make an argument on Daher's behalf as a composer and sound designer of exceptional promise and sensitivity need look no further..."

-- Textura Magazine

Matthew Daher - all instruments, vocals, miscellaneous sonorities except:

Emma Frank - Vocals (2)

Corey Gulkin - Vocals (5)

Simon Millerd - Trumpet (4)

Grace Rodgers - Violin (2)

Natalie Frakes - Violin (2)

Patrick Behnke - Viola (2)

Dave Haughey - Cello (2)

All pieces written, arranged, produced by Matthew Daher

"Hanging Over Hanging On" written by Matthew Daher and Emma Frank

Recorded and Mixed by Matthew Daher in various bedrooms, bathrooms, and basements in Montréal, QC and Detroit, MI

Vocals on "Cyclicity" Recorded by Harry Knazan at Apollo Studios

Additional Mixing by Harry Knazan at Apollo Studios

Mastered by Reuben Ghose at Mojito Mastering

Album Art by Taylor Schmidt and Matthew Daher 

Bright Moon Mind
(2013 , Self-Released)

A long form ambient composition inspired by zazen meditation practices, the writings of Dharma Teacher Geri Larkin

Matthew Daher - Composition, Production

Album Art by Anzen Melanie J. Davenport

Collaborative Releases 


Earth Breathes
(2022 , Future Archive)

Thoma - Synths / Production
Matthew Daher - Drums and Vibraphone (1)

Original Future Archive Liner Notes:

Thoma returns to their track 'Earth Breathes' from their 2019 album 'Detroit' with a new rework, divided into two parts. The first part is a punchy clubby mix, using heavy bass synths as a driving force against washed out saxophone textures. The second part is an extended meditative ambience, cultivating a calming and soaring atmosphere with spaced out vibraphones and synth pads.

Kind of Animal

enjoy your symptom
(2022 , Self-Released)

Dan Ackerman & Max Hernandez: All Instruments, Vocals, Compositions, Mixing, Mastering

Matthew Daher: Drums (3, 5)

Various Artists

Make Noise Myanmar 2
(2021 , Self-Released)

"Can We Know Time"

Cyrus Pireh: Guitar

Matthew Daher: Drums

Original Compilation Liner Notes:

MAKE NOISE MYANMAR 2 is the second compilation curated by seah and Mykel Boyd, a mixtape style compilation put together for the purpose of raising awareness about what is happening in Myanmar and raising money to support the resistance movement there.

Various Artists

Tech, Yeah. 001
(2020 , Technically, Yeah)

"I Didn't Know"

Matthew Daher: Drums, Production (14)

Jake Shadik: Alto Saxophone (14)

Mastered by Eddie Logix

Original Compilation Liner Notes: 

Technically, Yeah. announces the release 2 20-track compilations of Detroit music made with machines: Tech, Yeah. 001 and Tech, Yeah. 002. These compilations, split by year, feature many of the artists who have played the Technically, Yeah. over the course of our two years.

Form without genre and essence without pretense, these collections represent what we stand for at Technically, Yeah: experimental experience of electronic performance, not driven by pursuit profit or status, but genuine exploration of sound through technology.

All proceeds from both compilations will be donated equally between two local Detroit organizations fighting for Black lives through transforming our justice system: Detroit Justice Center and MI Liberation.

All artists involved have generously donated their art and time to this effort. We couldn’t be more grateful for their contribution. As we cannot program in person, please enjoy some Detroit music and donate to the cause.

Technically, Yeah.

Please tip Bridget.


Repetition Suppression
(2018 , Scissortail Records)

Mattson Ogg - Guitars

Matthew Daher - Cymbals

Original Scissortail Liner Notes:

Repetition Suppression represents a unique and personal entry into Dura’s catalog. Dura has been putting out beautiful spacious records on some of our favorite labels over the years (Wounded Knife, Marmara, Geology...) Repetition Suppression was written and recorded over the course of a few years while he was moving back and readjusting to his hometown. The sound of the guitars, old amplifiers, reverb, and cymbals (masterfully provided by Matthew Daher) were blended with the sound of that environment on a sweltering, humid summer night while re-familiarizing himself with the familiar empty spaces. The name of the record reflects this, referring to one of the basic neural mechanisms of memory.

Emily Rose

Wake Up Brave
(2018 , Self-Released)

Original Album Credits:

All Songs written by Emily Rose

Co-produced by Emily Rose and Mark Bolohan. Engineered by Mark Bolohan.

Emily Rose: vocals and guitars (1-9) ebow (1)

Mark Bolohan: rhythm guitar (2) theramin (1) harmonica (8) vocals (8,9) mellotron (9)

Keith Malinowski: Bass (3,4)

Matthew Daher: Drums (3,4)

Pete Ballard: Pedal Steel (2)

James Anthony: Mandolin (4)

Francisco Monroy: Organ (6)

Audra Kubat: Accordion (8) vocals (8)

Tom Phillips: Bass and Drums (8)

Anthony Retka: Bass (2,9) Shaker (2) vocals (2,8)

Pamela’s Gang lala: Jeffrey St. John, Mar Brisa, Bronwyn Dixon, Audra Kubat, Mark Bolohan & Anthony Retka

Photo: Cybelle Codish. Graphics: Meghan Baas. Thanks Diane for all the suppers and to all my beloved friends and family. Dedicated to Maverick.

Corey Gulkin

All the Things I'll Forget
(2017 , Self-Released)

Produced by Sam Gleason, Leah Dolgoy and Corey Gulkin

With additional production by Lisa Malachowski

Recorded by Sam Gleason (Blanket Fort), Dave Smith (Breakglass), Jon Kaspy (Tanna Schulich Hall), Gregory Burton, Justin Wright and Corey Gulkin

Piano recorded at the Coach House in Parkdale by Sam Gleason

Mixed by James Bunton

Mastered by The Wizard of Oz (

All songs written by Corey Gulkin

Leah Dolgoy - harp, autoharp

Sam Gleason - electric guitar, electric bass, synths, electronic drums

Corey Gulkin - acoustic guitar, banjo, lead vocals, piano

Matthew Daher - drums, electronic drums + samples (track 3)

Ali Levy - upright bass

Lisa Malachowski - backing vocals

Ari Swan - violin

Justin Wright - cello

Thanya Iyer, Lisa Malachowski, Chesley Walsh - group vocals

String arrangements by Justin Wright

Vocal arrangements by Lisa Malachowski

Stephen Boegehold

A Telling Of Death
(2016 , Self-Released)

Kirsten Carey - guitar

Matthew Daher - drums, cymbals, percussion

Stephen Boegehold - drums, cymbals, percussion

Recorded and mixed by Andrew Schuster at The Detroit School of Rock and Pop

Original Liner Notes:

This is an album of improvised music. Here we play with ideas of death, fantasy, use of things, noise, drums, guitar, and feelings we keep below the surface.

Phantom Cats

Swan Songs
(2016 , Self-Released)

Liz Shar - Vocals
Niklaus Landstrom - Guitar
Adam James - Bass
Matthew Daher - Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Eggert with help from Three Lyons Creative

Daher Malis Duo w/ Conrad Good

Secret of Begin
(2015 , Tool & Die)

Michael Malis - Piano, Rhodes

Matthew Daher - Percussion

Conrad Good - Electric and Upright Bass

Tape released on Tool & Die Records (TD001)
Produced by the Daher Malis Duo

Corinna Rose

Northeast Southwest
(2013 , Self-Released)

All songs written by Corinna Rose except Fresher Fruit, written by Matthew Daher

Produced by Corinna Rose. Additional production by Joseph Donovan. Recorded and mixed by Joseph Donovan at Mountain City.

Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel

Arrangements by the Corinna Rose Band

String and Horn Arrangements by Nick Lavigne except Fresher Fruit, arranged by Matthew Daher

Corinna Rose - Lead vocals, banjo (1, 8), acoustic guitar, electric guitar (4), vibraphone

Matthew Daher - Drums, backing vocals (5,8)

Leah Dolgoy - Autoharp, backing vocals (4,8)

Nicolas Godmaire - Electric guitar, acoustic guitar (2), lapsteel, banjo (5,7), backing vocals (4, 5, 6, 7)

Alex LeBlanc - Bass

Quinn Brander - Cello

Ari Swan - Violin

Eleanor Verrette - Viola

Taylor Donaldson - Trombone

Ryan Frizzell - Trumpet

Guillaume Roy - French Horn

Lisa Malachowski - Backing vocals (7)

Choir Vocals - Theo Ephraim, Ainsley McNeaney, Gabrielle Papillon

Daher Malis Duo

Ask the Ancestors
(2013 , Self-Released)

Debut release from Detroit-based improvised music duo

Michael Malis: Keys
Matthew Daher: Drums


(Self Titled)
(2010 , Self-Released)

Debut EP.
Self-produced and self-released.
Recorded July 2009 at Oscar Peterson Hall, Montreal, QC.

Matthew Daher - Drums, Composition
Nicolas Godmaire - Guitar
Harry Knazan - Vibraphone and Aux Percussion
Alex LeBlanc - Bass
Maude Locat - Piano, Futur Synth

Recorded by Nick Schofield
Produced and Mixed by Harry Knazan and Matthew Daher
Mastered by JP Nault for DNA Creations
Artwork by Nicolas Godmaire