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Nehnu, Mowja, born of droplets

"Nehnu, Mowja, born of droplets" is a dance work collaboratively created by Palestinian American choreographer Leila Awadallah and students at Winona State University in Winona, MN at her guest artist residency in Fall of 2021. I was a guest composer in the project and participated in the creative process in person during Awadallah's residency, using underwater field recordings captured with a hydrophone in local waterways woven throughout the electroacoustic piece created in Ableton Live. "Nehnu, Mowja, born of droplets" translates from Arabic to English as "We, a Wave, born of droplets."

This video features excerpts from the work as performed at Dancescape 30 in February 2022 at Winona State University

Choreography: Leila Awadallah with collaborative input from the dancers

Original Music: Matthew Daher

Lighting Design: Peggy Sannerud

Costume Design: Tracy Van Voorst

Dancers: Ana Boucek, Tiki Ellis, Kate Krenke, Catherine McBride, Amelie Pflamminger, Jillian Pino