Projects and Collaborations

Sarah Konner & Austin Selden:
Rivera Court

Rivera Court is a site-specific dance-theater performance by Sarah Konner and Austin Selden, both in response to and performed inside Rivera Court at the Detroit Institute of Arts, adorned with the breathtaking Detroit Industry Murals created by Diego Rivera. Drawing inspiration from the murals,  the performance explores connections between industrial mechanics of machinery and the biomechanics of performing bodies. The stories depicted on the walls are important to the history of Detroit, full of ritual, movements, and ghosts. Sarah and Austin layer their artistic and choreographic voice into the space and into the ongoing story of the city. 

I composed and conducted original a capella vocal music for the evening length dance work performed by Detroit-based vocalists Billy Mark, Torri Lynn Ashford,  Brendan Asante, and Rachael McIntosh. The vocal compositions include ambient structured improvisations that respond to elements of the dancers' movement in real time as well as austere minimalist movements through composed in lockstep with the work's choreography.