Projects and Collaborations

Spectral Slumber

Spectral Slumber is an ambient event series with an environment uniquely curated for introspection, renewal, and collective healing. Each iteration of the event is centered around a giant sheet-fort constructed out of 200+ bedsheets, adorned with  lights and/or video projections on multiple surfaces, with a continuous flow of live ambient musical performances by local ambient artists inside the structure throughout the event. Audience members are invited to enter this structure and envelop themselves in the sensory experience, to settle in with their blankets, pillows, etc. to rest and rejuvenate, and if they so choose, to drift off to sleep. 

Since 2013, I've worked with Alexander Weyer, Michaela Mosher, and other various collaborators to produce 5 public editions of Spectral Slumber and curated the Deep Relaxation Room at the last 2 entirely in-person editions of the Allied Media Conference in Detroit. Iterations of Spectral Slumber have included overnight sleepover editions, a daytime outdoor edition at 2021 Sidewalk Festival of the Performing Arts, as well as a 2-week installation at Eastern Michigan University as a decompression space for students at the end of their fall term. Several editions have included offerings from healing arts practitioners including acupuncture, astrology, Reiki, guided meditation, and guided art experiences. 

For more information about Spectral Slumber including news about future iterations, visit Spectral Slumber's Website.