Projects and Collaborations

The Wisdom to Know the Difference

The Wisdom to Know the Difference is an electroacoustic solo project exploring the limits and possibilities of control and agency on both a sonic and spiritual level. Using Ableton Live, contact mic drum triggers, and samplers, I process acoustic drums and vocals, blend them with lush textures, and trigger other sonic events from the drumkit at varying degrees of randomness. Song-structured webs of intended and unintended sonic consequences emerge in compositions that explore grief, ancestral communion, astrology, social anxiety, archetypal parts of self, and other themes related to mental health and healing.

During the pandemic, I self-engineered a record of the first set of compositions from this project while taking a pause from touring performing this project. In Spring of 2023, I completed production for "The Wisdom To Know the Difference Vol. 1" - the debut self-produced full length album of this project. The 11-track album highlights and integrates my artistry as a drummer, composer, improviser, producer. I'm currently shopping for label support for vinyl pressing, distribution, marketing for the album. I resumed live performances of the Wisdom to Know the Difference in Fall of 2023 - check the News page for updates on upcoming performances!

Since its premiere in 2016, I've had over 40 performances of The Wisdom to Know the Difference in over 20 cities across the Eastern US and Canada. This has included performances at the Detroit Institute of Arts (2019), The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (2018), and tours of the rust belt, east coast, midwest, and eastern Canada in 2018 and 2019. 

In Spring 2023, I collaborated with Detroit-based performance art duo Thank You So Much for Coming and filmmaker Zach Zweifler to produce a music video for "Fire" - a single from the upcoming full length album. "Fire" is a playful tongue-in-cheek song about social anxiety, its hyperbolically self-depracating thought spirals, and the struggle not to be consumed by them. The video portrays these thought spirals through absurd condemnations of an inconsequential social blunder. The video will be released along with the single in early 2024.