Projects and Collaborations

Wet Dry Mix

Wet Dry Mix was a performance series I curated between 2014 - 2017 at Spread Art that brought together acoustic instrumentalists and electronic musicians of many persuasions for evenings of spontaneous sonic obscuration.

The concept was that in each duo one performer improvises on their instrument – their signal is fed into the effects chain of their partner who improvises electronic manipulations on the signal in real time - with a couple simple rules:

1. The instrumentalist is not aloud to use or control any effects of their own

2. Their partner on electronics is not aloud to use any sonic material that was not derived from the signal of the instrumentalist

As a result, the instrumentalist surrenders control of the form that their creation will ultimately take once it passes through their partner’s rig — and the electronic musician surrenders control of the sonic content that they are manipulating.

Hence, this series was also known as the ‘Surrender Series’

I curated 10 editions of Wet Dry Mix,  with an additional edition curated by Augusta Rose of Seraphine Collective featuring all women/non-binary artists.